Mobileye® Safety Technology

Advanced collision avoidance systems

In a world where countless road accidents occur every hour, Mobileye responds with innovative action, engineering advanced collision avoidance systems that focus on prevention.

While other companies develop products to protect you during a collision, our technology is designed to maximize driver safety by helping drivers avoid collision altogether.

This system “sees” and analyzes potential dangerous scenarios, in real time, and alerts drivers to impending dangers, giving them more time to react.

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Collisions avoidance system Mobileye®

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Safety innovations

Utilizing innovative vision sensing technology and sophisticated algorithms, our collision avoidance system is designed to constantly perform three crucial tasks:
  • a Observe perpetually changing conditions on the road;
  • b Interpret the potential for danger;
  • c Alert drivers to initiate action in time to avoid harmful collisions.

Our high-definition sensor works as a "third eye", that watches and recognizes objects on the road, such as other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians, and can even detect lane markings as well as traffic signs. These intelligent capabilities enable our system not only to warn of impending accidents, but also to identify what type of accidents, empowering drivers to employ decisive correction to avoid the incident altogether.

Mobileye® is designed to alert drivers to the threat of collision, give them early warning to initiate action and inform them how much time they have to avoid harmful collisions. The system neither involved in active control of the vehicle, nor affects its regular systems, such as brakes or steering wheel. Mobileye never sleeps, is never distracted and always watches the road warning us of potential danger when we are distracted for any reason.

Mobileye EyeQ™

The microprocessor is equipped with a powerful computing platform, which is capable to support computing processes while using the camera intensively

EyeQ™ It processes the information received in real time from the camera, onboard computer and vehicle’s sensors, and continually calculates the risk for potential dangers.A powerful microprocessor processes the data from camera and various sensors of the vehicle in real time, and constantly calculates potential dangers. The camera "sees" the vehicle trajectory within the lane markings and timely warns the driver of impending accident.

The main components of the system: a unique digital camera with its size being less than that of a matchbox, and a super-powerful microprocessor. The camera takes image from the road and transmits it in digital form to the built-in processor, which processes in real time all the acquired data. Camera with microprocessor is mounted on the windshield inside the vehicle, behind a rear-view mirror, so that it does not impede the driver to see the road.

The Mobileye EyeQ™ and EyeQ2™ processors have been awarded with different prizes that is an important stage of development of this technology. The system fits any vehicle, such as cars, off-road vehicles, large luxury cars, minivans and microbuses, buses and trucks.

System components Mobileye

System components Mobileye®

A windshield-mounted vision sensor unit with a compact High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) camera and Mobileye’s SeeQ2 image processing board.

High-quality audio alert buzzer.

User-friendly, high visibility "EyeWatch" Display and control unit, for visual directional warnings and numerical headway measurement display, with customizing options.

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Main features of the system Mobileye®

Fits all types of cars, trucks, buses, off-road and other vehicles.
High efficiency: works day and night almost under any weather conditions.
The system traces a trajectory of your vehicle and informs you
of possible hazards as follows:

forward collision warning
Forward collision warning
Timely warns drivers of a potential collision on highway (over 35 km/h)


Pedestrian collision warning
Pedestrian collision warning
Warns drivers of a possible collision with a pedestrian


lane departure warning
Lane departure warning
Warns drivers of crossing
the road markings with the turn indicators off


Headway monitoring warning
Headway monitoring warning
Helps drivers keep a safer distance from the vehicle ahead


Intelligent high beam
Intelligent high beam (IHC)
Automatically switches over high beam to lower beam in due time


Speed limit indication
Speed limit indication
Notifies drivers of speed limits and no-overtaking signs on the road


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