collision avoidance system mobileye 560 Company elbit Chisinau Moldova
Mobileye 560
An innovative safety system for avoidance of collisions or mitigating the harmful incidents. Mobileye 560 uses cutting-edge technologies for recognition of vehicles, road markings, pedestrians, cyclists, traffic signs and intelligent high beam control. The system warns the driver of a possible rear-end collision.
intelligent system for accident avoudance
Fits all types of cars, trucks, buses, off-road vehicles and others. High efficiency: operates day and night under almost any weather conditions.

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mobileye 550 A safety solution for the vehicle collision avoidance, company elbit Chisinau Moldova
Mobileye 550
Alerts drivers of impending dangers in real time by emitting the alert signals directly to their mobile devices. Mobileye 550 is a safety solution for avoidance of the vehicle collisions. The system is equipped with a windshield-mounted smart camera inside the vehicle providing drivers with various safety features.
Mobileye Smartphone will enable you to receive alerts of  imminent hazards in real time directly to your smart phone. company elbit  chisinau moldova
Mobileye Smartphone
The Mobileye Smartphone Application allows you to receive critical real-time warnings straight to your personal Smartphone, via Bluetooth connectivity. This system will enable you to stay tuned and enjoy our latest upgrades and enhancements for driver assistance. This system operates only on Mobileye 5-Series products.
mobileye C2-270 is an innovative safety system for avoidance of collisions or mitigating their adverse consequences, elbit  company chisinau  moldova
Mobileye C2-270
An innovative safety system for prevention of collisions or minimizing their negative consequences. The Mobileye collision prevention system is functional and effective. It detects impending dangers and alerts to the driver if necessary. The system includes intelligent windshield-mounted camera inside the vehicle, display and loudspeaker .
mobileye C2-170 is a modern solution for accidents avoidance on the road, elbit Company, Chisinau Moldova
Mobileye C2-170
An advanced solution for accident avoidance on the road. The unique breakthrough solution promoting considerable reduction of traffic incidents. A high-sensitivity windshield-mounted camera inside the vehicle keeps an watchful eye on the vehicle’s trajectory and road markings, measures the distance to the vehicle ahead.
mobileye AWS-4000 is an advanced system for accident avoidance, an intelligent assistant for drivers, company elbit, Chisinau Moldova
Mobileye AWS-4000
The advanced system for accident avoidance, intelligent assistant for drivers designed to notify the driver of impending dangers. Unlike the driver who can be distracted by his mobile, switching the radio or turns to look at children on the back seat, Mobileye is never distracted and constantly watches the road safety.
Mobileye AWS-2000 a monitoring system mainly aimed at the driver safety, company elbit, Chisinau Moldova
Mobileye AWS-2000
The monitoring system focused on the driver safety increase. The model is specially developed and intended for commercial vehicles, and ideally fits buses and the motor vehicle fleets of various kinds. It provides drivers with hints and recommendations to ensure safety on the road.

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