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    Company Elbit®

    There is a wide spectrum of equipment for production,
    personalization, credentials from
    leading companies-manufacturers

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    diebold nixdorf

    We provide reliable, innovative,
    safe and economical solutions

    For banks and retailers

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    Professional equipment for for working with cash
    Complete solutions for the optimization of banking activities
    Solutions in the field of control and identity management
    Trusted Identities, secure Transactions
    A leading provider of data protection solutions
    System of preventing emergency situations

  • Reliability is the foundation of partnership

    All equipment is original, has the necessary documentation and is under warranty from the company-manufacturer


    is the foundation of partnership
    We work individually with each customer and offer only such kind of solutions in which the company is having a real need


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company elbit®

Cooperation with European and American companies

company Diebold Nixdorf
Solutions for banks and financial organizations. Production of equipment for banks and financial institutions. Self-service terminals, cash dispensers, software and solutions of logical and physical security. The service of complete outsourcing of banking chains.

Diebold Nixdorf®
company Entrust Datacard
Wide range of products. For the production, personalization and mailing packaging plastic cards, certificates. Technology to protect identities and transactions in the physical and digital media. The innovative range of software now includes the Entrust Authentication Platform.

Entrust Datacard®
company DoCash
DoCash® - Technology in the sphere of working with cash. There is a wide spread of professional high-quality cash handling equipment and security equipment: currency detectors, banknote counters, bundling machines, teller cash dispensers, coins counters, safe deposit lockers and etc.

company Thales e-Security
Thales e-Security® - Solutions to Your Data Protection Challenges. There is a wide range of products to protect your data. Hardware and software products having independent certification are perfect combination of high reliability and efficiency.

Thales e-Security®
company Giesecke-Devrient
Giesecke&Devrient® - the banknotes processing systems They are intended for recalculation, sorting, and identification (authenticity check) of the banknotes.
Tailor-made and comprehensive solutions for central and commercial banks

company Mobileye
Mobileye® - a unique set of solutions to prevent car collisions. Product Mobileye is a "smart" camera with a powerful processor and chip EyeQ Mobileye algorithms can be easily installed on the windscreen
in the car.


company elbit®

Individual complete solutions for the central and commercial banks
a wide range of equipment for production of plastic cards
banking equipment

reliability, company elbit, Chisinau, Moldova
We cooperate with reliable partners only. Each order undergoes our most thorough control
excellent prices company Elbit chisinau Moldova
Affordability of our prices is conditioned by well-established relations with the suppliers who produce the equipment
Reliable service company Elbit, chisinau, Moldova
Our company's experts are always prepared to render consultations by phone or e-mail and to answer your questions
guarantees company elbit, chisinau, moldova
All the equipment supplied are covered by the quality assurance and certification issued by the manufacturing companies
Received specialized education in the training centers of companies that are partners of Elbit and have all necessary certificates.
In the storage of ELBIT® there are always available spare parts and materials for maintenance supplementary equipment, supports and drivers.
If you would like to calculate the price of the order, please contact us.
elbit SRL

Office : str. George Asaki, 25/3, Chisinau, Moldova