Lane departure


Lane departure warning (LDW)

Recognition of lanes

Recognition of lanes (LDA) detects road markings and evaluates position of the vehicle within the lane. LDA algorithms support other algorithms of the Mobileye®mono-camera basic functions, such as vehicle detection: it helps search vehicles ahead in the lane. Provided the lane markings are clearly visible, and no obstacles prevent from their detection (shadows, rain, snow or any other obstacle on the road).
LDA detects most of the white, yellow and dark blue lane markings. The system identifies road markings with 99 % accuracy (the result was obtained from the tested vehicles). Detection of different types of the road markings, such as continuous, dotted, stop line, double and threefold markings have been successfully tested and included in production. Besides, LDA recognizes non-marked edges of the road, such as grass or gravel on the roadside.
In order to meet OEM requirements the system can provide additional information on adjacent lanes to support the accident prevention strategy. The developed algorithm can also use the information on colour of the road markings (for example, yellow lane marking) to achieve better detection.
LDA technology was thoroughly tested in serial production in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia and accepted in several continents for operation both in daylight hours and at rainy weather.

LDW lane departure warning

Lane departure warning

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Lane departure warning (LDW)

Collision with the vehicle ahead is the most common type of traffic accidents
LDW lane departure warning

LDW uses the information from the lane detection module (LDA) and based on time calculation warns the driver of unintended veer out of the lane.

Sensitivity of the warning system can be adjusted. For example, the system can be adjusted to emit a warning when the vehicle has already crossed the lane marking, or to emit an early warning prior to veering out of the lane.

The warning system can be adapted to a type of the road. For example, if the road is narrow the system may warn the driver with a weaker signal allowing him to "cut" the curve lanes.

LDW feature has been applied globally, OEM tests have proved that Mobileye® LDW works effectively at any illumination and under any weather conditions.

LDW audio and visual alerts. Left or right deviation indicator blinks on the EyeWatch display. You can hear a series of sharp sound signals with duration of 0.7 seconds.

LDW warns you that the vehicle starts to veer out of the lane involuntarily. If you switch on a turn indicator when departing from lane, the warning is not emitted.
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