The advanced system for collisions warning

Technology of safety for drivers

In the world where uncountable number of traffic acccidents occurs every hour, the Mobileye offers the innovative solutions focused on safety on the roads. While the other companies develop the products to protect a driver during the collision, our technology aims at the driver’s safety enhancement, helping them to avoid any collision at all.

This system "sees" and analyzes the potentially dangerous scenarios in real time, and warns the drivers of an imminent danger giving them more time to react.

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functions of the Mobileye system

basic functions of the Mobileye system

It is suitable for all types of cars, lorries, buses, off-roaders, crossovers and other vehicles.
High efficiency: it works day and night almost under any weather conditions.
The system traces a path of motion of your car and warns you
of any possible emergency situation as follows:

forward collision warning Mobileye
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
It warns the driver in advance about any possible collision on a highway (35 km/h)
Pedestrian Cyclist Warning mobileye
Pedestrian Cyclist Warning (PCW)
Warns the driver of any possible collision with pedestrian or cyclist
Lane Departure Warning Mobileye
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Warns the driver of crossing the road markings without switching-on the turn indicators
Headway Monitoring Warning mobileye
Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW)
Helps drivers keep a safe distance to the vehicle ahead
Intelligent High Beam Control mobileye
Intelligent High Beam Control (IHB)
It automatically switches over high and lower beams in due time
Speed Limit Indication mobileye
Speed Limit Indication (SLI)
Notifies the driver of the speed limitation and the prohibitory overtaking signs on the road

The accident prevention system Mobileye

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primary solutions Mobileye System

Mobileye - is the he system that monitors the highway and street traffic and warns drivers of impending dangers in those critical seconds when our attention is drawn away. Mobileye allows us to avoid the road accidents saving our and our intimates’ life, sparing nerves and keeping from unnecessary losses of time and money.

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