Mobileye AWS-4000, Chisinau
Mobileye AWS-4000

Product info

MobileyeAWS-4000 is an enhanced system of visual control and avoidance of road accidents. It is fitted with a high-sensitive high-dynamic camera being an advantage in comparison with multisensor-based solutions.

Mobileye AWS-4000 never gets tired, always looks ahead and alerts the driver if a sudden danger occurs.

Product overview

is an intelligent assistant to drivers designed to notify them on potential traffic incidents. In contrast to drivers who are distracting from time to time to answer their mobile phones, to switch over radio stations or to speak to children on back seats, Mobileye is never distracting and always keeps an watchful eye on the road ensuring safety of all the traffic participants.

Having distracted for just one second to answer a phone, to turn to children on a back seat, by driving in fatigued condition - all that may result in a road accident. Mobileye AWS-4000 never gets tired, always looks ahead and warns of imminent hazards.

Digital camera. By a windshield-mounted digital camera the system analyzes position of the vehicle on the road in relation to traffic markings and other road users: the driver will be immediately warned by receiving audio and visual alerts on a compact display if veering out of the lane with the turn indicators off or at a swift critical approach to the object ahead.

For its operation Mobileye AWS-4000 does not use laser, optical or any other radiation - it acquires all the information by analyzing the image from the microcamera only. Using the system both in daytime and night hours not only helps avoid the road accidents and associated costs, but also promotes more safe and skilful driving habits and makes the driver to watch the road more closely and use the turn indicators every time when veering.

Specifically for commercial vehicles to be used in severe conditions, the Mobileye AWS-4000С was designed that supports the J1939 special-purpose interface ensuring easy integration with fleet management systems.

Mobileye AWS-4000C Commercial version - designed for commercial vehicles, taking into account the requirements of operating in harsh environments. This reliable product support specialist J1939 interface for integration with fleet management system.

Advantages of Mobileye AWS-4000

  • Reduces general probability for road accidents and the associated overheads.
  • Improves driving habits and skills, reminds of use of the turn indicators, draws the driver’s attention to braking signals of the vehicle ahead, and helps keeping a safe distance between the vehicles.
  • It is a smart tool for training drivers and evaluating their professionalism.
  • Allows the driver to develop a sense of the vehicle’s outer dimensions, to keep a correct position on the lane and to hold respect for all other road users and traffic participants. Operates day and night, almost under any weather conditions.

Add-on Applications:

  • Intelligent Event Data Recording.
  • The vehicle tracking and tracing systems GPS.
  • Fleet Management System Fleet Management System.
  • Integration with black box solutions.
  • Connectivity abilities with external third-party displays.

System Components

  • A windshield-mounted vision sensor unit with a compact High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) camera and Mobileye’s SeeQ image processing board.
  • 2 high-quality audio alert buzzers.
  • User-friendly, high visibility "EyeWatch" Display and control unit, for visual directional warnings and numerical headway measurement display.

System Mobileye AWS-4000

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