Mobileye C2-270, Chisinau
Mobileye С2-270

Product info

Mobileye С2-270 is a safety solution to avoid collisions of vehicles and mitigate their severity.

Based on Mobileye's acclaimed vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies. Optional connectivity to Fleet Management and Telematic systems.


"Mobileye Collision Prevention Systems are functionally effective. They detect reliably and warn the driver when necessary" (TNO report, 2009).

Mobileye С2-270 is never distracted, never sleeps, always keeps an "extra eye" on the road and alerts drivers to imminent dangers. Mobileye С2-270 is a safety solution to avoid collisions of vehicle and mitigate their severity.

Mobileye С2-270 includes a "smart" camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle, a built-in chip-based microprocessor and a display showing information for the driver.

Unique algorithm Mobileye, alerts drivers to impending dangers, such as an unintentional veer out of the lane (LDW), recognizes vehicles, warns of a possible collision with the vehicle ahead (FCW), constantly measures the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead (HMW), detects pedestrians (PCW).

Safety. Mobileye ensures drivers and passengers feel safe on the road, and actively participates in reduction of road and traffic incidents.

Basic features of the system

  • Undeliberate lane departure warning (LDW).
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW).
  • Detection of pedestrians in the daylight hours, including bicycle detection (PCW).
  • Monitoring of the distance between vehicles and notification of its reduction (HMW).

System Components

  • Vision sensor unit with a compact High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) camera and Mobileye’s SeeQ2 image processing board.
  • High-quality audio alert buzzer.
  • User-friendly, high visibility "EyeWatch TM" Display and control unit, for visual directional warnings and numerical headway measurement display, with customizing options.

System Mobileye С2-270

Sweep40х30 degrees(width*height)
Vehicle Detection Distance80 meters
Operating Temperature Range35С to + 80С
Image processingis performed in real time at the rate of 15 frames per second by the machine vision processor Mobileye EyeQ2.
Operating modeDay-and-night trouble-free operation under adverse weather conditions (shower, snowfall, fog)
Supply voltage12 - 24 V
InterfacesCANbus, RS485 and J1939

Advantages of Mobileye С2-270

  • Prevents collisions or mitigates their severity.
  • Saves lives and prevents injures.
  • Cuts the incident associated costs.
  • Improves driving habits.
  • Promotes safety of driving.

System Mobileye C2-270 will help the driver:

  • Prevent collisions or mitigate their severity.
  • Save lives and prevent severe injures.
  • Reduce the road accident associated costs.
  • Get habits of safe driving and raise level of safety.

A unique bright LED-display shows the following information:

  • Notification of vehicle detection.
  • Notification of pedestrians detection.
  • Notification of lane departure.
  • Distance between vehicles.

Fits all kinds of vehicles: cars, trucks, buses and others.

Ensures fail-safe operation at daylight and night time, almost under any weather conditions.

System Mobileye С2-270

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