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Mobileye С2-170

Product info

Cutting-edge solutions for preventing from traffic accidents - Mobileye C2-170

Mobileye C2-170 has a windshield-mounted high dynamic range camera located inside the vehicle near the rear-view mirror, keeping an ever-watchful eye on path of the vehicle motion, lane markings etc.

Product Overview

Mobileye C2-170 is a modern, comprehensive, single-camera-based safety solution for accident prevention and mitigation, which has received the prestigious Fleet Safety Forum Award for Excellence 2009, sponsored by Brake – the UK Road Safety Charity – in the Fleet Safety Product category.

This event recognizes the Mobileye product as a unique breakthrough solution with a considerable market potential that allows drivers to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Mobileye С2-170 includes a high-dynamic range camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle near the rear-view mirror, and utilizes Mobileye’s unique artificial capabilities to detect and measure the distance to vehicles and lane markings, providing drivers with warnings of a possible:

  • Collision with a vehicle ahead (both on highways and urban roads);
  • Unintended lane-departure (with the turn indicators off) (LDW);
  • And insufficient distance-keeping Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW).

Distracting just for one second to look at rear-view mirror, to answer phone, or to turn to children may possibly result in a road accident. Enjoy safe driving with Mobileye C2-170 each time you are steering the wheel!

Advantages of Mobileye С2-170

  • Reduces general probability of road accident and the associated overheads.
  • Improves driving habits and skills, reminds of use of the turn indicators, draws the driver’s attention to braking signals of the vehicle ahead, and helps keeping a safe distance between the vehicles.
  • Is a smart tool for drivers training and evaluation of their professionalism.
  • Allows the driver to develop a sense of the vehicle’s outer dimensions, to keep a correct position on the lane and to have respect for all other road users and traffic participants.
  • Operates day and night, almost under any weather conditions.

Besides Mobileye C2-170 can be updated and integrated with:

  • Mobileye Intelligent Event Data Recording (EDR).
  • The vehicle tracking and tracing systems by means of GPS.
  • Fleet Management System (FMS).
  • Integration with black box solutions.
  • Connectivity abilities with external third-party displays.

System Components

  • A windshield-mounted vision sensor unit with a compact High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) camera and Mobileye’s SeeQ image processing board.
  • High-quality audio alert buzzer.
  • User-friendly, high visibility "EyeWatch" Display and control unit, for visual directional warnings and numerical headway measurement display.

System Mobileye С2-170

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