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Mobileye AWS-2000

Product info

Mobileye AWS-2000 was designed for fleet (commercial) vehicles to be operated in adverse conditions. It is compatible with a J1939 special-purpose interface for integration with fleet management systems.

This reduces general probability of road accident and associated overheads. It is a smart tool for training and evaluation of drivers.

Product Overview

Mobileye AWS-2000 is a monitoring system designed with an aim to ensure safety of drivers. The model is specially developed and intended for commercial vehicles, and ideally fits buses and the motor vehicle fleets of various kinds.

The camera is mounted on windshield behind a rear-view mirror and monitors situations on the road. By measuring the distance to a nearby vehicle and evaluating a chance for collision, reacting to departure from the lane without switching on the turn indicators, the unit will instantly warn you of imminent dangers allowing you to take timely measures to eliminate the conditions that may result in, for example, road accident.

Loudness of warning can be adjusted in the most optimal way for you. Purchasing Mobileye AWS-2000 will becomes an invaluable investment into your safe and secure future.

Mobileye AWS-2000 provides the driver with tips to ensure safe driving on the road and to timely avoid the road accidents. The most compact design with an optimal price-quality ratio giving the audio alerts at:

  • 1 Possible collisions with the vehicle ahead (both on highway and urban areas) Forward Collision Warning - both highway and urban FCW.
  • 2 Unintentional veer out of lane Lane Departure Warning (LDW).
  • 3 It features a user-friendly adjustment of sound level.

Technical opportunities. IR control (allows to visualize the elements of the image, by IR-metameric inks). Control spetselementa "M" (visualization in a dual-band IR illumination mode).

Mobileye AWS-2000 is designed for commercial vehicles to be used in adverse conditions. This reliable product supports J1939 special-purpose interface for integration with fleet management systems.

Advantages of Mobileye AWS-2000

  • Reduces general probability for road accidents and the associated overheads.
  • Improves driving habits and skills, reminds of use of the turn indicators, draws the driver’s attention to braking signals of the vehicle ahead, and helps keeping a safe distance between the vehicles.
  • It is a smart tool for training drivers and evaluating their professionalism.
  • Allows the driver to develop a sense of the vehicle’s outer dimensions, to keep a correct position on the lane and to hold respect for all other road users and traffic participants. Operates day and night, almost under any weather conditions.
  • A tool for reproduction of the road accident by analyzing the recorded digital data.

Additionally, the system can be used with:

  • Mobileye Intelligent Event Data Recording Event Data Recording (EDR).
  • The vehicle tracking and tracing systems GPS.
  • Fleet Management System (FMS).
  • Integration with black box solutions.
  • Connectivity abilities with external third-party displays.

System Components

  • A windshield-mounted vision sensor unit with a compact High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) camera and Mobileye’s SeeQ image processing board.
  • High-quality audio alert buzzer.
  • The sound level control unit.

System Mobileye AWS-2000

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