Fleet Management

Safety. Efficiency. Control. Profitability.

We offer a comprehensive telematic solution integrated with Mobileye (ADAS) system that provides the customers with innovative tools to organize and to maintain safe and high-effective operation of corporate fleet vehicles in Moldova.

This solution helps companies reach a new level of fleet management, supervises safe 24/7/365 operation of the fleet, assists drivers avoid accidents, trains drivers by improving their driving habits, online monitors the corporate vehicles, notifies of force-majeure, provides access to reports and analytics.

FleetSafe Manager includes several mobile applications that enable fleet managers to stay connected to their fleets.

FleetSafeManager essentially reduces operation costs and increases fuel efficiency, making fleet vehicles safer and more effective.

fleet management mobileye solutions

How does a customer benefit from the implemented solutions?

Mobileye® is the world leader in development of the advanced driver assistance technologies (ADAS). The system can be installed on any type of motor car, truck or passenger vehicle.

Mobileye (ADAS) innovative system helps drivers avoid road accidents in real time, reduces accident rate of the fleet by 80 %, ensures nonstop 24/7/365 protection of vehicles and drivers.

The system Mobileye® emits audio alerts when the vehicle is in motion, and attracts the driver’s attention at the time the danger occurs. It gives the driver a chance to avoid harmful incidents in 80 % of cases:

  • At the threat of collision with pedestrians and cyclists
  • At the threat of collision with a vehicle or a motorcycle ahead
  • Warns of the lane departure
  • Monitors headway distance
  • Automatically controls high and lower beam
  • Warns of exceeding speed limits
  • Cuts the accidents related costs of the company
  • Reduces the fuel consumption by 20 %
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