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Headway monitoring warning (HMW)

In many countries the traffic safety authorities accept that monitoring of the headway distance between vehicles is one of the key issues to achieve progress in collisions prevention on the roads.

Some countries have succeeded to get essential progress in cutting the number of road and trafic incidents by adopting the laws that bind the vehicles owners to fit their vehicles with the headway monitoring systems.

The headway monitoring warning feature (HMW) had been integrated in joint development projects with the global automotive manufacturers.

HMW headway monitoring warning

Headway monitoring warning

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HMW is used in automotive manufacturing

Since 2007 the HMW feature has been used in automotive manufacturing as main part of Advance Mobileye in the (AWS ) warning system
HMW is used in automotive manufacturing

Currently HMW is a part of the OEM Mobileye® enhanced cooperation projects that have been mass-produced since 2011.

EyeQ2, lane departure warning (LDW) + forward collision warning (FCW) + HMW + intelligent high beam control (starting from adaptive feature - IHC) + traffic sign recognition (TSR).

How the headway distance between the vehicles is controlled. The time that a vehicle (on which Mobileye®is installed) would take to get to the vehicle ahead is calculated by dividing the distance to the vehicle ahead by the speed of your car.

The Mobileye® system evaluates the risk of the vehicles collision in seconds by measuring the distance to the nearest vehicle and comparing it with actual speed of the vehicle, computing the progress of distance reduction in seconds.

Constant monitoring of a distance between vehicles by help of HMW feature ensures drivers are timely warned of impending danger of collision with the vehicle ahead.

As well as any other Mobileye feature, HMW works day and night, under any weather conditions.
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