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Mobileye 560

Information on product

Innovative safety system to prevent collisions or minimize their consequences. It operates day and night almost under any weather conditions.

The system warns the driver of a possible rear-end collision with a car or motorcycle ahead. Mobileye 560 calculates the time to the impending collision and notifies the driver by early warning. The system helps the driver to observe rules of the road and speed limitation.

Short description

Mobileye 560 is an innovative system of safety to avoid a collision, or at a minimum, to mitigate its severity. The system is mounted on the windshield inside the car.

Mobileye 560 utilizes cutting-edge technologies on vision and recognition of vehicles, lane markings, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicyclists, traffic signs and intelligent high beam control.

Mobileye 560 supports add-on applications for smart phones (Android, IOS) for intelligent event data recording and analysis of the driving quality.

The Mobileye 560 is never distracted, constantly keeping an watchful "eye" on the road, and always ready to alert drivers to unexpected hazards. It is on duty day and night under any weather conditions.

System Components

  • A windshield-mounted vision sensor unit with a compact High Dynamic Range CMOS (HDRC) camera and Mobileye’s SeeQ2 image processing board.
  • High-quality audio alert buzzer.
  • User-friendly, high visibility "EyeWatch" Display and control unit, for visual directional warnings and numerical headway measurement display, with customizing options-certain models only.

The Mobileye 560’s features

  • Pedestrian Collision Warning during daylight, including the cyclist detection.
  • Alert to collision with the vehicle directly ahead of you, including the cyclist detection.
  • Lane Departure Warning.
  • Headway Monitoring Warning.
  • Intelligent high beam control.
  • Speed Limit Indication.

The warning of a threat of collision with vehicles and motorcycles ahead of you (FCW). The system alerts drivers of a potential for collision with the car or motorcycle ahead of you. The Mobileye 560 calculates the time to collision and alerts to the driver in time. Researches show that the 1.5 s early warning helps avoiding to 90 % of the rear-end collisions.

Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW). In the daytime the Mobileye 560 warns drivers of potential hazards of collision with pedestrians or cyclists 2 seconds prior to a possible collision, thus providing drivers with ample time to react.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW). The system warns drivers with audio and visual alerts of the involuntary lane veering thus helping avoid a collision with oncoming vehicles, drawing to the roadside, tipover, etc. The researches show that using LDW reduces the number of accident collisions linked to the lane veering to 80 %.

Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW). It gives audio alerts to drivers when the distance becomes dangerous. Using HMW increases safety level of driving and reduces the risk of rear-end collision to 57 %.

Intelligent High Beam Control (IHW). The IHC function automatically and timely switches over high to lower beam to avoid dazzle of other road traffic participants.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR). Warns drivers of speed limitations on a specific section of road and the overtaking prohibitory signs. The system helps drivers observe rules of the road and speed limitations.

Advantages of Mobileye 560

  • A possibility for monitoring the motor vehicle movement through Bluetooth and warning of critical situations via the mobiles.
  • Considerably reduces the chances for collision to occur and the losses linked to it.
  • Improves the driving skills, including the use of turn indicators and recommendations on braking.
  • Serves as the driver qualification and driving manual.
  • Allows drivers to develop a good sense of the vehicle position within a lane, and in relation to other vehicles.
  • Operates day and night under any weather conditions.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces probability of the road accidents by 80 %, and cuts down the expenses connected with them.
  • Saves the fuel consumption by 15 %.
  • Improves driving skills.
  • Helps evaluate and qualify the driving skills.
  • Assists the drivers to be better guided and directed in traffic flow.

The Mobileye 560 system

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