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Traffic signs recognition (TSR)

Innovative technology
Traffic Signs Recognition / Speed Limit Indication.

Mobileye® identifies all speed limit signs, "reads out" speed on the sign and transmits the data to Mobileye's CAN software to channels and other integrating units.

Mobileye® "sees" traffic signs of speed limit (including electronic boards), detects speed limit on the sign and notifies CAP monitoring system.

Owing to this Mobileye’s feature, the CAP monitoring system compares the vehicle’s actual speed to the specified speed limit and alerts if your car exceeds the speed limit.

Feature mobileye Speed limit indication

Speed limit indication

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Speed limit indication

Mobileye® "sees" traffic signs of speed limit (including electronic boards), detects speed limit on the sign
Mobileye Speed limit indication

TSR is the driver support feature that can be used to notify and to warn drivers of the signs they can encounter on a current rout section.

The examples of such signs are "speed limit" or "no overtaking!". The system enables drivers not to exceed speed limits, to comply with traffic laws and other restrictions.

The Mobileye® TSR function has became available since 2008, when it was first installed on BMW 7 series and satellite navigation systems, along with such features as lane departure warning and intelligent high beam control.

The system detects and identifies various traffic signs using only visual information, and has already reached high accuracy when recognizing the signs. The system operates the camera for objects recognition and can be enhanced by data from digital cards of the navigation unit. It ensures additional reliability, especially when the vision system is not able to provide the required information.

The TSR system detects speed limits at various ambient conditions, under any weather condition. Besides, the feature is capable of identifying specific traffic signs of the country.

By moving forward and developing, the Mobileye system is expected to enhance the range of the signs to be detected following the car manufacturers’s demands.
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