is an intelligent system for road accidents avoidance. The system observes the changing conditions on the road and warns drivers of impending dangers in those critical seconds when they are distracted. Mobileye helps avoid road accidents, saving our and our families’ lives and health, as well as preventing from, or mitigating losses of time and money.

«Mobileye Vision Technologies»

At its World Headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel, Mobileye is one of the largest developers of advanced driver assistance technology (ADAS) on the planet. This system fits all types of cars and trucks, buses and other vehicles.

The company’s goal «Mobileye®»

Development of intelligent systems for accidents avoidance (ADAS) that enable drivers and passengers to feel safe on the road, and actively contribute to decrease vehicular accidents.

Company’s mission «Mobileye®»

is to create unique technologies and to provide the adapted solutions for all segments of the market, as well as to promptly react to any challenges of the market

Mobileye does not replace routine functions of the driver

It is designed to notifyof impending dangers on road, rather then replace routine functions of the driver or reduce the necessity to display vigilance and caution when we at the steering wheel.

All rules of safe driving, as well as traffic laws are to be complied with. Mobileye is neither an automation control system for motor vehicles, nor autopilot of any kind.

Mobileye is intended to alert drivers of impending dangers and to give them early warning to initiate actions for avoidance accidents with sufficient time to react.

Mobileyeneither involved in active control of the vehicle, nor affects its regular systems, such as brakes or steering wheel.

Mobileye never sleeps, is never distracted and always watches the road warning us of potential danger when we are distracted for any reason.

Mobileye uses no radio, optical, laser or any other radiation. The system analyzes video images from a microcamera. Then, by means of special software, any violation of the set conditions of the distance observance or any deviation of the vehicle’s trajectory is defined.

The unique vision-based platform

Mobileye is the world technological leader in advanced image recognition and processing for fleet and private vehicles covering the whole range of the vision system applications.

Mobileye - is a unique vision-based monocular platform powered by its proprietary chipset and algorithms, it works as a “third eye” helping drivers increase safety, avoid harmful incidents, and improve driving habits.

Mobileye Solutions are based on sophisticated algorithms being its intellectual property - EyeQ(TM). Since 2007 the platform have been used in vehicles of such global automotive giants as BMW, GM and Volvo.

The world automotive giants BMW, GM and Volvo use the Mobileye system

Did you know that?

The most of vehicular accidents occurs because of the driver’s inattention and/or distraction.

Just for that crucial seconds we need that someone or something would draw our attention back on the road. Just Mobileye will do it definitely and timely.

Mobile phone distracts your attention from the road
Your attention is drawn to the passengers in the vehicle
You are busy with the things that do not relate to your car driving
Road accidents occur due to human factor
of the road accidents can be linked to distracted driving in the last 3 seconds before the collision
road accidents with a fatal outcome occur due to crossing the road marking with departure to oncoming lane
90% of the rear-end collisions can be avoided if drivers are warned just 1.5 seconds prior to collision
Just for that crucial seconds we need that someone or something would draw our attention back on the road.
Just Mobileye can do it definitely and timely.
functions of the Mobileye system

basic functions of the Mobileye system

It is suitable for all types of cars, lorries, buses, off-roaders, crossovers and other vehicles.
High efficiency: it works day and night almost under any weather conditions.
The system traces a path of motion of your car and warns you
of any possible emergency situation as follows:

forward collision warning Mobileye
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
It warns the driver in advance about any possible collision on a highway (35 km/h)
Pedestrian Cyclist Warning mobileye
Pedestrian Cyclist Warning (PCW)
Warns the driver of any possible collision with pedestrian or cyclist
Lane Departure Warning Mobileye
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Warns the driver of crossing the road markings without switching-on the turn indicators
Headway Monitoring Warning mobileye
Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW)
Helps drivers keep a safe distance to the vehicle ahead
Intelligent High Beam Control mobileye
Intelligent High Beam Control (IHB)
It automatically switches over high and lower beams in due time
Speed Limit Indication mobileye
Speed Limit Indication (SLI)
Notifies the driver of the speed limitation and the prohibitory overtaking signs on the road

Mobileye System

Notifies drivers of imminent dangers and early warns them to initiate actions to avoid collision by emitting
audio and visual alerts.
Day and night fault-free operation under any weather conditions. It works as a “third eye” on the road, never sleeps, nor distracted and always watches the road warning drivers of impending danger.
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