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Fleet management

Implementation of Mobileye solutions as an element of general strategy of the vehicles safety management may become one of the most effective money-saving tools for companies.

Statistics of the users’ companies shows that installing the Mobileye systems on the vehicles allows the fleet managing companies to improve driving habits of their drivers by decreasing the number of unjustified accelerations and brakings. It results in essential decrease in fuel consumption by 15-20 %, extended operation life of tyres and braking pads. In addition, reduction of collisions strengthens business efficiency and public image of the company.

It should be emphasized the lower accident rate for passenger operations and specially dangerous cargo freighting. The system reduces the number of road accident with involvement of such vehicles, saves lives and health to our people, and spares millions of grivna to be spent to eliminate consequences of such accidents.

By using Mobileye the companies may increase overall performance of their fleets due to:

1. Cut of direct costs of the company as the road accidents have decreased by 80%:
  • Medical expenses, costs for property restoration after road accident, indemnification against third parties’ damages.
  • Downtime losses in connection with repair of vehicles not covered by the automotive hull insurance (down times, loss of working hours, problems with the personnel involved in road accidents).
  • The losses arising out of default of shipping contracts.
  • The expenses incurred when eliminating the accident consequences: vehicle and cargo evacuation.
2. Reduction of costs connected with operation of vehicles:
  • Cut of operational costs for the vehicle operation (fuel consumption by 15-20 %, tyres wear by 6 %).
  • The operational costs for administrative and legal support of road accidents and vehicle replacement are reduced by 25 %, the costs that are not covered by the motor hull insurance.
3. Reduction of costs for vehicles, drivers and cargo insurance due to lower IC tariffs (15 % and more). Mobileye Solutions:
  • Stimulates to develop correct driving habits, focuses on use of turn indicators, draws attention to the braking signals of the vehicles ahead, and also helps keep a safeer distance.
  • Is a smart tool to train drivers and to evaluate their professionalism.
  • Helps drivers develop the sense of the vehicle’s dimensions, adhere to a correct position on the driveway and respect all other traffic participants; it operates day and night almost under any weather conditions.

The Mobileye innovative solutions will enable the company to raise efficiency of its fleet operation, to contribute to safer traffic and formation of high driving culture on the roads of Moldova.

The Mobileye Solutions will give you competitive advantages. Integration of Mobileye with GPS systems may ensure the online data transmission and show the warnings received by the driver if he fails to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and involuntarily veers out of his lane, and may also send a signal if a collision occurs. Provide your customers with the Mobileye’s enhanced offers.

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