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  • Currency detector docash mini chisinau
  • Currency detector docash mini elbit authorized dealer Docash moldova, chisinau
  • Currency detector docash mini moldova chisinau
  • Detector docash mini moldova, chisinau
DoCash Mini

About product

Currency detector DoCash DVM Mini — new, compact, view-type infrared detector, one of the most successful and asked-for models of that class of devices.

A well-arranged construction of the device is characterized by small dimensions (112х107х150 mm) and a small weight (200 grams only) that are combined with a big, high-quality 11-centimetre display. DoCash DVM Mini is capable of proper checking the infrared protection signs on cash facilities and securities.

Brief description

IR detector DoCash Mini was designed for a prompt and operative identification of banknotes, securities, and passports etc. This can be used in cashier’s offices of the bank, at the retail trade outlets, in service industries and in any other place.

Detector DoCash DVM Mini helps to organize space on the work table in a proper manner. The stiffening ribs strengthen the detector’s housing, and the rubber legs prevent the unit from sliding on the table. As and when necessary the detector may be attached to the wall by means of a self-adhesive fastener, thus extending the scope of its application. For example, in this way the detector may be mounted in public transport – taxi, minibus. The DoCash DVM Mini’s big liquid crystal display is very useful for the banknotes identification in a semicircle thus shortening time of checks. The display with high contrast and sharpness prevents from optical distortions.

Intended use DoCash DVM Mini – efficient and operative identification of bank notes and securities. DoCash DVM Mini Currency Detector is remarkable for its promptness and reliability.

Functionality. Sight control of the protection signs on the banknotes, securities, and documents.

Technical possibilities. IR control (enables to visualize the image elements applied by IR-metameric paints). The M-element control (visualization in two-band IR-backlight mode).

Currency detector DoCash Mini

Name Description
Dispaly size 4,3 inch (11 cm)
Dispaly type Liquid crystal
IR-emitters wavelength 850/940 nm
Power consumption3 W
Power supply220/12 V
Unpacked weight, kg0,2

Detector features DoCash Mini

  • It occupies minimum space on the table, the innovative desktop support is strengthened with stiffening ribs preventing from “nodding” and overturning. Rubber legs prevent sliding on the table.
  • As and when necessary, DoCash Mini may be attached to the wall by means of a double-sided self-adhesive fastener, thus making it more compact and handy.
  • The units installed in cars, minibuses or taxi would minimize the chance of payment by faked banknotes.
  • It is easy to check the banknotes in a semicircle on a big colour LC display thus speeding-up the checks.
  • It is a possibility to order the unit in corporate colours.
  • High sharpness and contrast. No optical distortions.


  • IR-detector DoCash Mini.
  • Desktop support.
  • Power cable.
  • Operation manual.

Currency detector DoCash Mini

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