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  • Currency detector docash cube, chisinau
  • Currency detector docash cube, elbit authorised dealer Docash moldova, chisinau
DoCash Cube

Information on product

DoCash Cube is a unique multipurpose device which functions both as an automatic detector with a function of the banknotes automatic feeding and as a portable stand-alone counter of face (nominal) values. The unit runs the most modern system for comprehensive check of the banknotes authenticity with respect to all signs – IR, UV, magnetic tags and thread, visible image, the paint spectrum analysisa, dimension, optical density.

Handy and compact case of the DoCash CUBE unit, as well as a built-in battery ensure the detector is used both as a fixed device on the cash desk, and in non-standard, tailor-made conditions.

Brief description

An automatic detector with the function of banknotes automatic feeding. The portable counter of face values.

Before DoCash Cube has become available on the market, it was considered that the inspection of banknotes conducted with the automatic detector took a lot of time. It was necessary to insert notes by one at a time. Therefore the customers tend to choose view-type detectors where it is possible to check the banknotes in a semicircle. Now everything has changed. DoCash Cube is high speed and efficient unit for automatic check and count of banknotes.

Besides, DoCash Cube can be used as calculating machine. The count speed is lower than that of the banknote counters, but the level of verification and control complies to high quality, expensive bank models. DoCash Cube, the automatic detector of banknotes counts total sum of the checked denominations (nominals).

The unit also differs from the majority of banknotes counters by its dimension and the battery operation. DoCash Cube can be used when concluding deals and transactions, in cars and any other unconventional places.

Type of detection

  • Ultraviolet detection.
  • Infrared detection.
  • Magnetic detection.
  • Check of visible image.
  • The paint spectrum analysis.
  • Detection of the banknote dimension (three measurements: length, width, and thickness.)
  • Check of optical density.

Currency detector DoCash Cube

Delivery of banknotesReverse
Speed of check200-250 Banknotes per minute
Feed box capacity r100 Banknotes
Capacity of the storage bin100 Banknotes
Display typeLiquid crystal
Power supply100-240В, 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionmax 20 W
Built-in batteryLithium battery 10.8В (option)
Overall dimensions (WхDхH)170 х 157 х 152 mm
Weight, kg1,6

Features of the detectorDoCash Cube

  • The unit can be used as both automatic detector, and a compact counter of the nominal values.
  • The most modern system for comprehensive check of the banknotes authenticity with respect to all signs – IR, UV, magnetic tags and thread, visible image, the paint spectrum analysis, dimension, optical density.
  • Identification of nominal values and check of authenticity in the autosummation mode.
  • The reliable mechanism of banknote turning, preventing any jam in the duct.
  • The device may be used in unsteady conditions owing to light weight and small dimensions, as well as the built-in battery.
  • The unit can be reprogrammed and the banknotes base updated online on the workplace through a conventional personal computer (USB) or by means of a SD-card.
  • The user-friendly interface and the informative LC-display.
  • It can be connected to an external printer and display.

Currency detector DoCash Cube

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