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  • Currency detector docash 025 chisinau
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  • Currency detector docash 025, moldova, chisinau
  •  Detector docash 025 moldova chisinau
DoCash 025

About product

DoCash 025 is the most compact detector of viewing type in its price category with dimensions of just 180х100х110.
The detector will occupy minimum useful working space on the cashier’s desk. The unit is easy to use and control. To start operation it is necessary to push one button which turns on the lamp.

Product overview

Currency detector DoCash 025 is used to carry out sight control of banknotes’ authenticity in strap. The unit is fitted with UV- lamp of high output (9 W), therefore the presence or absence of protective elements on a banknote is identified very fast and efficiently.

Ultra-violet light enables the user to discern filaments, strips, fragments of drawings, and special markers. Besides, UV light will also help to notice the absence of the background glow. The view-type ultraviolet detector clearly visualizes the lack of flashing, therefore it is not difficult for the cashier to notice it.

The viewing field is wide enough to locate a banknote of any face value. This ensures a perfect view of protective markers. The banknote is identified quickly.It is sufficient to have basic knowledge of the main protection elements visible in ultra-violet light.

Case of the view-type detector is made of durable light plastic. Using such material ensures the unit to be light (it weighs only 0,4 kg) and robust. The surface is neither worn away, nor cracked in the course of time. The UV- lamp is well protected from any external impacts. It is mounted under the upper part of the unit and has a safety shade.

Currency identification detector DoCash is delivered as a standard complete unit. However, if desired, the user can choose different modifications of the 025 model. The units with the white light shining from below, as well as with magnetic sensors are available.

With relatively low cost this bank equipment is quite functional. The user has a lot of opportunities to check authenticity of the banknotes. Accuracy and high operating rate of the unit are guaranteed. Besides, 025 DoCash is a power-efficient model.

Currency detector DoCash 025

Name Description
Ultra-violet light1 х 9 W
Wavelength of UV- light emission360-380 nm
Power consumptionLess than 10 W
Power supply220 V / 50 Hz
Weight, kg0,4
Dimensions (WхLхH)180х100х110 mm

Advantages DoCash 025

  • Vertical and horizontal installation.
  • Compact dimension, the housing is made of light and durable plastic.
  • High-power ultraviolet lamps.
  • Optimal location of the lamps.
  • Instant activation of UV-lamps without any delay.
  • The best functionality-price ratio.


  • Identification of the banknotes in strap.
  • Modifications with the upwards directed white light and magnetic sensor.

Currency detector DoCash 025

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