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Company DoCash

Trade mark of our professional equipment for cash handling,
was developed by DoCash GmbH, the German company, in cooperation with R&D (Research and Development Department) of Gamma Centre, the Russian company"

aAbout Company DoCash GmbH, a group of the companies, dates back since 2007 when a number of the patents were developed and registered in the Great Britain and Germany with regard to the manufacture "know-how" of the equipment for cash handling. The experience gained in the 90th and in the early 00th by the largest distributors of the bank equipment in Russia and the CIS countries with regard to development and implementation of the cash handling solutions was a basic incitement to set up the company.

Today, owing to a wide distribution network amounted over a short time to several tens of the companies established in the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, the products under the DoCash trading mark is well-known to the customers all over the world. The group actively promotes its brand at the famous international exhibitions, develops own R&D centre.

In 2010, with a view to optimize the logistical processes, the company’s management decided to register the Group’s headquarters in Germany.

bThe Company’s core activity is the products manufactured under the DoCash® trade mark - a wide range of the bank equipment complying to the requirements of the finance institutions of different level and other organizations, where the reliable and proved equipment is necessary at any stage of cash handling. These institutions and organizations are as follows:

  • The national and state banks;
  • Major commercial banks;
  • Post offices;
  • Collection centres;
  • Treasure houses;
  • Customs offices;
  • Casino and gaming centres;
  • Retail companies;
  • Service industries ;
  • The passenger operations companies, etc.
The Company’s mission is to stimulate and expedite the cash turnover, and to reduce cost of the cash flow arrangement by promoting the up-to-date technologies in the field of cash handling.

cHome manufactureWhen developing the DoCash products, both the reliable, proved in the course of time, technologies, and the most advanced achievements in the field of manufacture of the bank equipment for cash handling are used.

The products bearing the trademark of DoCash® is a wide range of the special equipment for cash handling and valuables storage: the currency detectors and testers, the banknote counters and packers, electronic cashiers and the coins counters, the queue control devices, equipment for the depositories and many other units and accessories.

DoCash equipment is manufactured at the in-house production facilities and that of the subcontractors in Europe and Asia. In 2010, with a view to optimize the logistic processes, the company’s management decided to register the Group’s headquarters in Germany.

Equipment DoCash — Benefits:

  • Easy to operate;
  • Reliable electric components;
  • Fault-free mechanical parts;
  • Innovative technologies;
  • Competitive prices;
  • The European quality;
  • Modern design;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Durability.
The property rights for the trade mark belong to DoCash GmbH (Germany) and are protected by the international laws.
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