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  • Currency detector docash micro, chisinau
DoCash Micro

about product

Portable detector DoCash Micro was designed for visualisation of presence and correct position of infrared marks on banknotes and securities. The unit, DoCash Micro, helps to increase reliability of findings on authenticity of the samples controlled.

The detector can be connected to the external power supply, and operated as stand-alone. The unit is compact and may easily fit into a handbag or a pocket.

Brief description

DoCash MIcro is a view-type portable detector. This means that a conclusion on authenticity of a note or a security is made by the user. The device helps to reveal availability of the infrared marks and their location.

The off-line operation of DoCash Micro is possible due to a lithium battery provided, which is charged from the AC 220 V mains, or USB. Thanks to the factory calibration of the infrared sensor, the unit may precisely identify a banknote or a bond. The unit is notable for modern and elegant appearance, low weight and durable case made of strong composite materials.

The infrared currency detector DoCash Micro – is an effective solution for minimizing the probability of reception of counterfeit banknotes and documents. Possessing the knowledge on how the protective IR-marks should look, the authenticity of banknotes may be checked just for a few seconds.

Functionality. Sight control of protective signs of banknotes, securities, and documents.

Technical possibilities. IR-control helps to visualise the image elements applied by the IR-metameric paints).

The recommended scopes of application

DoCash Micro is a mobile detector, therefore it will be useful to:

  • couriers of the Internet shops and employees of the messemger services.
  • Drivers and forwarding agents from trade and transport organisations.
  • Taxi drivers and those of other passenger transport.
  • Employees of the trade organisations ( to check authenticity of excises on alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Salespersons of the field and traveling trade (Van Selling – «van selling»).
  • Salespeople at the markets and trading pavilions.
  • Private persons.

Currency detector DoCash Micro

Dimensions(WхDхH)58х15х95 mm
Display size3,5" Inch (8,9 Sm)
Display typeLiquid crystal
IR-radiators wavelength 850 nm
Battery capacity1000 mАh
Power Supply220/12 V
Weight unpacked, kg0,08

Features of the detector DoCash Micro

  • The detector can be connected to the external power supply, or operated as stand-alone.
  • The case is maid of high-strength composite materials, and therefore the unit is light and easy to work with.
  • Using the detector in shop, in the car or minibus, taxi or in other place of payment by cash would minimize the chance for acceptance the counterfeit banknotes.
  • The device is compact and easily fits into a handbag or pocket.
  • Auto trip timer.
  • Charging from AC 220V mains and from USB connector.
  • Battery operating time: up to 100 hours in active mode / up to 540 hours in standby mode.
  • Switching-over to standby mode in every 90 seconds saves the battery charge, and besides, this also extends the total lifetime of the unit.
  • Instantaneous switch-over of the detector from standby mode to the operation condition.
  • 2 colours at option.

Currency detector DoCash Micro

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