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  • Currency detector docash vega, chisinau
DoCash Vega

About product

New generation of automatic detectors for complex identification of banknotes. DoCash Vega is the most modern automatic detector designed for comprehensive identification of banknotes with the operating rate of 100 banknotes per minute.

This runs the innovation system of complex identification of banknotes in relation to all basic signs.

Product overview

DoCash Vega is a modern automatic detector designed for comprehensive control of authenticity of banknotes with the operation rate of up to 100 banknotes per minute. The unit is notable for the most perfect, up-to-day technology of the banknotes identification, including high-speed spectral analysis of the paint, check of IR-sensitive markers, magnetic and optical properties of the banknotes.

DoCash Vega is a user-friendly device. The operator is only required to insert the banknote (in any orientation) into the charging pocket. Then the banknote is automatically identified and the conclusion is issued in form of an icon (authentic/counterfeit).

The information base of the detector is promptly updated as the connection to PC has been established. The unit is portable as the built-in battery is capable of long-lasting stand-alone operation.

Features DoCash Vega

  • High efficiency in revealing counterfeits.
  • Operation in automatic mode.
  • Extremely high usability.
  • The banknotes can be fed into the unit in any orientation.
  • The off-line operation is possible due to the built-in battery.
  • High serviceability.

Currency detector DoCash Vega

Number of currencies to be checked 1
Operating rate over 100 banknotes per minute.
Type of display LED (icons, "Yes" or "No")
Power supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
built-in battery Rechargeable lithium battery DC9V or 7.5V (option)
Power consumption5 W
Connection to the personal computerUSB socket
Overall dimensions (WхDхH)143x128x75 mm
Weight, kg0,55

Advantages of DoCash Vega detector

  • Innovation system for comprehensive identification of banknotes with respect to all basic signs: spectral analysis of paints, IR-markers, magnetic marks, linear sizes of banknotes, optical density.
  • Feed of banknotes in any orientation and a high operation rate ensure easy handling of cash facilities.
  • Maximum usability – only conclusion on whether the banknote in question would be authentic or counterfeit is displayed on the screen in form of bright icons.
  • On-line reprogramming and updating of the banknotes data base at the workplace with the help of conventional PC.
  • The built-in battery of the enhanced capacity allows the unit to work portably.
  • Integration with the CHECK TV BANK event video monitoring.
  • The detector’s duct can be opened to ensure access to sensors for cleaning them from paper dust.
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