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  • Currency detector docash lite d, chisinau
  • Currency detector docash lite d, elbit authorised dealer Docash moldova, chisinau
DoCash Lite D

About the product

Check of authenticity of banknotes with a high degree of reliability. The view-type infrared detector that permits to verify the basic protection signs of banknotes, securities and documents.

Capabilities. The functions of the DoCash DVM Lite D detector can be enhanced by connecting of additional accessories: DoCash M and DoCash L.

Product overview

DoCash DVM Lite D - is an update of popular model DoCash DVM Lite. In addition to the incontestable advantages of the old modification, DoCash DVM Lite D is now equipped with a big LC-display and a digital videocamera. One of the main differences of new model is that all functions are controlled by the touch panel display with no mechanical pushbuttons.

The detector identifies securities and banknotes by means of visualization of special metameric paints and protective markers visible in infrared light.Besides the big display, DoCash DVM Lite D is equipped with a video camera transmitting sharp and contrast image to the display. The user can adjust brightness and contrast of the picture as desired by means of touch control.An important operating parameter of the detector is automatic shutdown. It is switched off if not in operation for more than two hours. DoCash DVM Lite D is a space-saving unit, i.e. it takes no much room on the work table and is notable for its pleasant ergonomic design.

Useful and critical function of the detector is identification of banknotes in the semicircle manner - this saves working hours of the cashier and simplifies verification of big amounts. DoCash DVM Lite D controls the "M" special element either, the presence of which is identified when checking in IR-range.

Capabilities. The DoCash DVM Lite D’s functions may be extended by connection of additional accessories: DoCash M — a magnetic infrared manipulator for checking the presence and location of magnetic markers and DoCash L — a magnifier with tenfold zoom and illumination for checking microfonts and microtexts.

Currency detector DoCash Lite D

IR-radiators wavelength 850/940 nm
The display size4,3 inch (11 cm)
Display typeLiquid crystal
Connection of accessoriesDoCash VL, DoCash L, DoCash M
Power consumptionmax 12 W
Power supply220V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (WхLхH)165x130x255 mm
Weight, kg0,6

Features of the detectorDoCash Lite D

  • Big LC- display of 4,7 inches (10,9 cm), showing the whole object (banknote).
  • Touch control (On, Off, adjustment of brightness and contrast, and operating mode selection).
  • High-contrast monochrome image of the banknote.
  • Automatic disconnection after 2 hours of idle time.
  • Option of checking the pack of banknotes in a semicircle.
  • Light weight (0,6 kg only).
  • It occupies minimum space on the workplace.
  • Long operation lifetime.
  • Connection of additional accessories.


  • DoCash L — control of types and methods of printing, protective holograms, microfonts, scribings with 10-fold magnification in white reflected olique light.
  • DoCash VL - projecting video magnifier displaying the image with 12-fold zoom in three types of illumination: white light, IR-spectrum, UV.
  • DoCash M — control of presence and location of the markers created by IR-metameric and ferromagnetic paints.

Currency detector DoCash Lite D

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