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  • Currency detector docash big moldova chisinau
DoCash Big

Information on product

DoCash BIG is reliable and easy-to-use device combining the advantages of various methods of detection. Owing to ergonomic design and modern appearance the unit will fit perfectly into the interior of any bank, shop or office.

The currency detector will reliably protect your business against counterfeits. The up-to-date view-type multipurpose detector combining the advantages of UV- with IR-detectors.


DoCash Big is capable of identifying the banknotes of various currencies using several technologies. Under the influence of ultra-violet radiation it is possible to reveal the luminescence of the banknote image elements (filaments, fibres, drawing fragments) and absence of a background glow (flash) of the paper. In IR spectrum, DoCash BIG detects the presence of protective markers applied by IR-metameric paints, including "M" special element. This element allows the operator to check authenticity of the banknotes with high precision. The IR-markers are controlled constantly regardless actual mode of operation.

The viewing field accommodates the whole banknote of any face value. It has a special scale to control the banknote geometry and to decide on its applicability as the means of paying when the banknote has been partially damaged.

Today the high-quality banking equipment should be applied for cash processing not only at the bank, but also in any, even small, office, as it enables to minimize the risks arising out of the errors made by the employees.

DoCash Big has intuitively comprehensible interface and easy control. The tested banknote is seen on a big LC-display without any optical distortions on a scale of 1:1. The image is reproduced in colours, with high sharpness and contrast. In order to increase reliability of the visual control the unit is equipped with high-quality upper and lower illumination. The disconnecting timer with time indication is provided to save power and to extend service life of the detector.

Currency detector DoCash Big

Name Description
UV lamps power2х4 W
UV radiation wavelength 360-380 nm
IR-emitters wavelength 850/940 nm
Total luminous intensity of light-emitting diodes in white transmitted lightless than 60 cd
Total luminous intensity of light-emitting diodes in white reflected light less than 110 cd
Display5 inches
Power supply220 V / 50 Hz
Power consumptionmax 15 W
Weight, kg1,3
Dimensions (WхLхH)240х160х254 mm

Intended use DoCash Big

  • Check of the general luminescence background and individual fragments.
  • Check of polygraphic protection.
  • Check of watermarks, fibres, strips and protective threads.
  • Check of compatibility of the coded drawings and marks on the front and the reverse.
  • Check of IR-protection, including "M" element.
  • Control of geometry.


  • Intuitively intelligible interface.
  • Big (5 inches) LC colour display for checking the banknotes on a scale of 1:1 without distortions.
  • Intense and uniform top & bottom white illumination.
  • Disconnecting timer of with time displaying.
  • Human engineering and modern design.
  • Constant monitoring of IR-markers regardless modes selection.


  • DoCash VL — 12-fold video magnifier to display the image in three illumination types.
  • DoCash M — sensor to control presence of the infrared and magnetic markers.
  • DoCash L — 10-fold magnifier with illumination.

Currency detector DoCash Big

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