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  • Currency detector docash 525, chisinau
DoCash 525

About product

DoCash 525 is a reliable and high-quality unit for professional detection of the banknotes authenticity by visual method. Operation of the detector requires no special skills.

You just put a banknote on the viewing field and check the presence of the protection elements. You will appreciate easy-to-use and efficiency of the detector at its true value. It will help to protect business or personal capital against any finance losses that are caused when the counterfeit money has been wrongly accepted as the authentic one.


DoCash 525 can be connected to accessories for more precise identification of banknotes. DoCash M is the sensor controlling the presence of infrared and magnetic markers. The paints of the banknote are reflected differently in IR-spectrum.It is impossible to fabricate such effect without special high-priced equipment. Therefore this technology guarantees the most accurate and reliable detection.

When printing the banknotes a special paint with magnetic properties is used.At first sight the drawing is uniform, however it is actually drawn by paints with various magnetic properties. A special detector responds to ferromagnetic components of the paint on a banknote and determines its authenticity.

DoCash L is a tenfold magnifier with illumination.This facilitates to examine microfonts and small elements of the drawings on a banknote. They also prove its authenticity. Besides the banknote denominations the accessory can be used for checking documents and securities.

DoCash 525 with accessories guarantees the most safe turnover of cash facilities and protection against counterfeiters. The detector is equipped with a special slot for viewing the documents of А4 format, at the most. The procedure for detecting authenticity of securities and documents becomes both effective and convenient.

The sight control of the banknotes authenticity is one of the most simple and convenient ways to ensure safety of the capital. The institutions that daily operate considerable cash flows, need hi-tech and reliable equipment.In fact, DoCash, the effective and functional counter of banknotes, will appreciably increase labour efficiency of the employees and ensure a high level of safety when handling cash facilities.

Currency detector DoCash 525

Power consumptionMax 10 W
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
Overall dimensions (WхLхH) 260x120x140 mm
Weight, kg0,68
DisplayLiquid crystal
Upper illumination1 UV-lamp 6 W, 1 white lamp 6 W
Lower illumination1 white lamp of 6 W
Measuring scale bar On the matte glass of the object stage
Types of detection with accessories. Devices In white transmitted light, magnetic, IR
Connection of accessories DoCash L, DoCash M
MagnifierOption(DoCash L)

Features DoCash 525

  • High-power ultra-violet lamps - 6 W; the radiation wavelength is 360-380 nanometers. All this enable the operator to identify the presence of mandatory signs, marks and other elements of protection on an original banknote with maximum accuracy.
  • Minimum attenuation of the ultra-violet light — this ensures prompt and accurate checking of the presence of relevant elements on the tested banknote.
  • The viewing field — dimensions of the detector field allow for accommodation of the whole banknote to enhance the view.
  • Operation lifetime — the unit is notable for the extended active life and stability against the supply-line voltage drops.
  • Dimensions — the ultra-violet detector has compact sizes and light weight. It can be placed on the cashier’s desk, the shop’s counter or worktable.
  • Retractable legs enables the user to adjust the viewing angle.


  • DoCash M —sensor for checking the presence of infra-red and magnetic markers.
  • DoCash L — 10-fold magnifier with illumination.
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