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BPS C4 desktop system


Sorter of banknotes BPS C4

Recommends desktop system BPS C4.

This system was specially developed by Giesecke&Devrient in compliance with requirements of the cashier offices of commercial and central banks, collector companies, casino, i.e. of those organizations that handle the intensive cash flows.

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The banknotes sorter BPS C4

The system is designed for automation of the banknotes reception.

The sorter has a new, yet more easy-to-use interface, the number of discharge bins varies from 4 to 20.

It is recommended to use special bins with the capacity of 500 banknotes for loading the cartridges of cash dispensers.

Speed of sorting amounts to 40,000 banknotes per hour.

BPS C4 can be operated in continuous mode of the banknotes processing with the use of dividing cards for additional increase in efficiency of the deposits handling.

During one run of BPS C4 the banknotes are counted and, at the same time, checked for authenticity and sorted out by face value, orientation, and degree of dilapidation.

Advantages of the system BPS C4:
  • High speed of processing – 12 banknotes per second.
  • Effective separation of banknotes, continuous feed.
  • Reliable operation 24 х 7.
  • Modularity of the system.
  • Sorting by face value, position, issue, usability (good/dilapidated).
  • The system of sensors ensures the banknotes are sorted out by the degree dilapidation.
  • Flexible software, a possibility for the equipment to be integrated into the bank software.
  • Availability of the software products (CBS complex) optimising the process of the banknote handling.
  • Function of reading and comparison of serial numbers.
  • Ergonomic design: the operator may work both standing and sitting.
  • Compact layout of the separator, return pocket and bins of stackers make the maintenance easy and convenient.

company elbit, recommends the desktop system BPS C4

Sorter banknotes BPS C4


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Technical characteristics BPS C4

Loading pocketup to 800 banknotes
Speed of processing12 banknotes/s
Productivity up to 40,000 banknotes/hour
Return pocket capacity 200 banknotes
Dimensions (HхWхL)1 260 mm – 2 556 х 515 х 610 mm
Acceptable size of the banknotesWidth: 60-90 mm / Length: 100-180 mm
Weight100-220 kg (depending on configuration)

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