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Numeron Count&sorting machine


The banknotes sorter Numeron

Numeron, the banknotes sorter (Numeron) is included in the list of the count-sorting machines tested by the international banks and permitted to be used by the credit institutions.

This implements the concept of the optimal complex solution for the entire processing of the banknotes that meets the users’ demands and ensures high output, efficiency, flexibility and good profitability.

A multi-functional system with the dimensions of a desktop machine.
The banknotes sorter
Numeron is the 3-pocket desktop sorter of banknotes with a possibility of sorting by fitness (usability).

Well over 10,000 Numeron machines have been put into service in more than 100 countries.

However, due to its compact sizes, which are close to the banknotes mini-sorter or counter, this can be freely installed and accommodated on the cashier’s desktop.

With its three storage bins (outlet pockets) Numeron is capable of perfect solving the following tasks: identification of the currency and its face value; sorting by orientation and dilapidation.
Features of the Numeron counter&sorter:
  • Cost reduction through optimizing the cash processing at a high throughput performance.
  • Easy processing of different currencies and face values.
  • The highest degree of reliability when identifying and checking the banknotes.
  • Fast processing of banknotes without any forced stop due to the 3-pocket design.
  • All the banknotes that have been rejected by the sorter for any reason, are put in one pocket without any stop of counting .
  • It is intended for operation in several shifts.
  • The intelligible graphic display.
  • This can be integrated to the bank’s cash processing system.
  • Flexible possibilities of installation on the “footprint” area.
  • Easy access to the duct and detection unit protected by the patent.

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banknotes sorter NUMERON


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Technical data Numeron

Speed of feeding72 000 banknotes per hour
Feeder capacity 500 banknotes
Storage bins capacity 250 banknotes
The number of outlet pockets3
Size of the banknotes processed from 50 х 100 to 95 х 185 mm
Power supply220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption210 W
Dimensions (HхWхL)512 х 360 х 450 mm
Weight 31 kg

Module CashRay 180 offers:

  • Scanning the whole surface of both sides of a banknote.
  • Reliable identificartion of currency, face value and year of issue.
  • Identification of dual banknotes, bent angles, apertures, tears, defects of the format and other damages.
  • Magnetic detection for checking the soft- and hard-magnetic authenticity signs.
  • Fluorescence / Infrared protection.
  • Supports software and adaptation updates via USB flash drives.


  • Recount and check of the mixed pack of banknotes.
  • Handling and sorting of the banknotes by currency, face value, orientation, year of issue, dilapidation (fitness).
  • Recording of the processing results, verification, differentiation and rejection.

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